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The story of the man is based on the fact that on the other websites, the man receives almost no reply and no interest from women.

The story of the woman is based on the fact that on the other websites, the woman receives too much attention from men and is unable to choose properly.

Why does this happen ?

There are multiple reasons for this. First, the disproportionate supply and demand. Second, the fact that few women give credibility to online dating because of the unpleasant experiences they had via this method or what they heard of it. Also, the majority of these websites have a very superficial and uneducated population. And so on.

The reversal of the situation

The goal of MateGuess is to create a communication interface that takes into account the functioning of the woman as well as the one of the man in order to allow both of them to find a serious relationship. In addition, the majority of the other existing websites have been transformed (or built for from the beginning) to obtain non serious relationships, which is not and will never be the case of MateGuess. This type of behavior will eventually be punished, but is not monitored in the current version.



You want to reply to someone quickly with a video ?

You want to share a video easily on the internet for a certain time ?

You think standard uploading takes too much time or involves too much work ?

You want to host anonymous videos of yourself ?

You think online interactions are too ... bland ?

You prefer to communicate via talking rather than writing ?

Then use CamToShare !